Time to Change the Filter

Main Idea:  Change the filter.  You are losing power.

Go Deeper:

Did you know it is recommended to change your car’s air filter every 12,000 miles or once a year?  Other than no one wants to breathe yucky air, why bother?  

Well your car can actually lose power from a dirty air filter. In a newer car you can increase acceleration by 11% and older cars can have an increased mileage by 14%.  

Wow!  A simple filter change can give you that much increase?  

So here it is…what filters do you need to change in your head?  What head trash, old beliefs, skewed past experiences that created a filter filled with negativity in your head sending messages of “I can’t!” “I’m not worth it!” “Everybody sucks!” What if you just changed the filter?  Do you need more power and acceleration in your life?  What could your life look like if you changed your filter?  

Remember the past 2 weeks about unhooking the hurt?  It really is a simple process.  

Many of my clients get things sorted in 4 sessions not 40.  

Oh and a few other signs you need to change your car’s filter:

– It makes weird sounds (are you moaning and grumbling all the time?)

– Your check engine light comes on (are you depressed, compulsively shopping or over eating?)

– Smoke or flames shoot out of your exhaust when you crank it up.  (WHAT!!!)

Even if you aren’t sure if you need a filter change, at least take a look under the hood.  You are all so important with important contributions to this world.  We need you running at optimum speed.

Cheering you on!


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