When you shine, you shine!

Main Idea:  No one can completely snuff you out.

Go Deeper:     Ever feel that some people just don’t celebrate you or you are too much for some people?  They may be a little threatened or jealous of you.  That’s too bad, because I have met you and you are wonderful!  😉     

Sometimes I feel like I am shoved in the closet, ignored, told my ideas aren’t needed.  A fear that gets me triggered is that, “Oh! Someone is going to diminish me!  Someone is going to shut off my voice.  My voice isn’t welcomed here!”  Then I have to laugh. For those of you who have ever worked on a project with me or lived with me it is a hilarious concept. I can’t be quieted.  🙂  That really is a funny fear.  And to think that my shining is too much?  It is bright, but someone needs it.  But that is how we do.  Silly thoughts pop up and we act like they are true and will happen.  They are typically lies that contradict the purpose we were created for.   Do you remember that simple purpose for what you were created for?      

Even shoved into a closet I still shine through.  I know you do too.  Your light can’t be turned off.  You cannot be doused.  You cannot be squelched.     

You may have to put your setting on dim for a season, but don’t worry, people will still be drawn to your soft warm glow.     
Is there plenty of oil in your lamp?  Are you shining?  You are needed.  Shine on!   

Cheering you on!                                                                     

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